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Get Your Car Steam Cleaned

  • Steam Car Wash Full Exterior
  • Engine Steam Washing & Cleaning
  • Under Body Washing & Cleaning
  • Car Interior Steam Cleaning

Benefits of Steam Wash

  • Scratch Proof Techniques.
  • Echo-Friendly Wash.
  • Best Suitable For All Cars
  • Keeps The Car Paint Fresh.
  • Enters Hard-To-Reach Areas.
  • No Toxic Residue.
  • No Streaky Windows.

Important Features

  • All Jobs On Camera
  • Live Telecast
  • Watch From Anywhere
  • Pick & Drop Facility
  • Original & Branded
  • Lowest Price Guaranty
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Steam Car Washing Price List

  1. Hatch Cars Starting from Rs 500/-
  2. Sedan Cars Starting from Rs 550/-
  3. SUV Car Starting from Rs 650/-
  4. Luxury Car Starting from Rs 850/-
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Advantage of Steam Cleaning

Steam car wash is an eco-friendly process that uses steam to wash the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Steam washing is the safest method for deep cleaning any vehicle.

Steam washing process is an eco-friendly approach as it uses the least amount of water to clean a vehicle which is also emission free.

Steam is natural. It's not like those potentially harmful cleaning agents. Steam cleaning has benefits that you don't get from using traditional car-wash solutions. It offers the unique ability to clean and sanitize your vehicle simultaneously. It definitely helps to kill bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, bugs and other microorganisms.

Choosing steam cleaning for your car is indeed an excellent option. The high temperature of steam cleaning actually kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Steam is produced from the air, so the heat naturally kills any bacteria or viruses present in the air. Steam cleaning leaves your vehicle smelling clean and fresh which is completely safe and healthy for your family. Steam car wash does not use detergent and thus does not waste water.

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Ola Car Wash Detailing Studio Outlet

Ola Car Wash brings you professional and cost effective car cleaning & detailing services for all types of cars. Ola Car Wash brings a premium range of Car Washing, Car Cleaning, Car Detailing, Car Rubbing-Polish, Car Paint Protection Coating, Under Body Anti-Rust Coating, Ceramic Coating, Car Interior Vacuuming, Car Interior Dry Cleaning & Sofa Dry cleaning services at affordable prices. Ola Car Wash promises for lowest price guaranty with premium quality. Ola Car Wash is #1 Professional & Expert in Car Cleaning Segment.

Ola Car Wash has set up a high-end car detailing studio outlet in the South Delhi area with world-class facilities; It is a hi-tech car detailing studio outlet having an area of 2000 Sqft; we uses premium brands like Clean Boys, 3M and Meguiar's. A wide range of services are available like Foam Washing, High-Pressure Jet Washing, Steam Washing, Under Body Washing & Anti-Rust Coating With Hydraulic Lift, Nitrogen Air Filling, Compressor Air Filling and Blowing.


  1. Snow Foam Car Washing Services
  2. High-Pressure Jet Washing Services
  3. Steam Car Washing Services
  4. Under Body Cleaning Services
  5. Under Body Anti-Rust Coating Services
  6. Car Interior Deep Dry Cleaning Services
  7. Car Rubbing Polishing Services
  8. 3M or Meguiar's or Clean Boyz Compounds
  9. 3M Teflon Coating Services
  10. 3M Ceramic Coating Services
  11. Meguiar's Teflon Coating Services
  12. Meguiar's Teflon Ceramic Services
  13. Meguiar's Ceramic Coating Services
  14. PPF (Paint Protection Film) Services
  15. Car Glass Coating Services
  16. Clay Treatment
  17. Headlong Restoration Services

Free Pick & Drop Facility

Ola Car Wash offers Free Pick and Drop facility for Ceramic Coating services; Our team will pick up your car and after completing the proper work the same will be dropped at your doorstep.

Live Streaming

You can watch all the working activities live on our YouTube and Facebook channels. Basically, our team will inform you about your job schedule, so that you can watch all the activities live while doing the job.

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