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Ola Car Wash brings you profitable business opportunities.

Ola Car Wash has introduced door to door car washing & cleaning project in two categories, first one is door to door car washing bike project and another is door to door car washing e-cart project equipped with hi-end machinery which is capable to deliver car washing, cleaning, and interior dry cleaning, rubbing-polishing & sanitizing services at customers’ doorstep.

This is an aggregation of Ola Car Wash to empower selective leaders to create job opportunities for local cleaners and scattered labours under our service partnership program.


Our main objective is to change the mindset about car cleaning; interior cleaning is more important than exterior cleaning in the car cleaning segment, which is possible with the advance technologies, where a minimum amount of water is being used to clean a car at customer's doorstep.

Job Opportunities:

Ola Car Wash has set a goal to create 2,00,000+ job opportunities in the upcoming years under the service partnership program across the country.


Empowering Local Partners to Create Job Opportunities for Local Cleaners under our Service Partnership Program.


Ola Car Wash supports all realistic dialogues such as 'Self Employment Generation with minimum Income Guarantee', 'Swachh Bharat', 'Clean Vehicle Healthy Journey', 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' & ‘Vocal for Local'.


Our mission is to prove that a car can be completely cleaned even in less water with the help of a steam washer at customers’ doorstep; and we like to establish a chain of cleaning mechanism for connecting cleaners and scattered labours through our selective leaders across the country. The intention of the company is to empower its leaders so that they can become “ATMANIRBHAR” and as well as the same can be extend to their employees

Service Partnership Program:

We are looking for selective leaders who want to become a successful entrepreneur; our project will empower them to create job opportunities for local cleaners and scattered labours. We are considering qualified and energetic applicants to execute this project in every corner of each city of the nation.

Project at a Glance:

Type of Projects Project-1 Project-2 Project-3
Name of Project Service Partnership Service Partnership
Bike Project
Service Partnership
e-Cart Project
Types of Services Steam/Foam & Jet Foam & Jet Steam, Foam & Jet
Project Cost 1,50,000 3,00,000+ 10,00,000+
Onetime Activation
Machinery & Eqpt
Duration 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Subs Fee
@2,000/- pm
Included Included Included
Customers (Daily Avg)
1 year @free
2 to 20
upto 2,000
3 to 30
upto 3,000
2 to 20
upto 2,000
Suitable Locality Semi Urban/Urban Semi Urban/Urban Urban
Machinery & Eqpt Self arrangement Two Units (One +One) Unit
Promotional Events Local / Digital Local / Digital Local / Digital
Staffs required 1+2=3 1+4=5 1+2=3
Vehicles As Per Choice
Self Arrangement
Self Arrangement
Promotional materials Included Included Included
Setup Self Arrangement
Welcome KIT @Free
Jet Set=2
Foam Set =2
Promotional Materials
Essential Kit
Mi 360 Camera
Essential Kit

Business Model:

Ola Car Wash presents a B2B digital platform for its service partners and B2C for the customers. As well as B2C platform is for direct communication between service provider and customer.

Vocal for Local:

This campaign is best suited for a local business to connect nearby customers; for which the Company is a medium to explore its partners locally through its promotional activities.

Company’s Role:

The Company is hereby responsible for arranging various promotional events for establishing a well business foundation of its service partners, so that customers can easily connect with the nearest service partner.

Partner’s Role:

Service partners are fully responsible for providing quality services to their customers, so that the company's reputation remains intact as well as customers will be satisfied.

Depth and details of projects:

Free Enquiries: The Company is hereby assured to facilitate customers' enquiries @free of cost up to estimated number of enquiries against each project.

Types of Services:There are three types of washing & cleaning features available in our project.

  1. Steam Cleaning: Steam car washing process is the latest and global trend in cleaning segment.
  2. Snow Foam: Foam washing is a fancy and effective way to clean a car quickly with minimal water.
  3. Jet Cleaning: now-a-days, hi-tech jet is also available for quick & neat cleaning with one or two buckets of water.

Onetime Activation Charge: A onetime activation charge will be paid by the service partner to start the business in their allocated area; for which the company will undertake a variety of promotional activities to meet the estimated number of inquiries. The Company will arrange promotional events as follows:

  • It may be on Air.
  • It may be on Print Media.
  • It may be on Social Media.
  • It may be on Digital Media.
  • It may be on Audio-Visual Media.

Ola Car Wash will determine the appropriate media for promotional activities for respective service partner, it may vary by location.

In addition to the above, the following printing materials will also be provided by the company to each service partner.

  •  Printed T-Shirts @2 per staff.
  •  Printed ID card @1 per staff.
  •  Printed Lanyard @1 per staff.
  •  Printed Visiting Card nos.5000
  •  Sign Board @2 per service partner.


  •  Mobile Number @1 per service partner
  •  IVR Facility @1 per service partner.

The company will provide IVR facility so that the brand name remains intact. Service partner has to provide at least two mobile numbers for receiving incoming and outgoing calls of customers.

Selection: A Selection Board of Ola Car Wash will assess candidature and profile of each applicant before issuing a service partnership for a location; there is no conformity and certainty for selection. The Selection Board will prefer an applicant who has enthusiasm and ability to become a tycoon in the car cleaning business in their city; Applicants who are found to be the most suitable for achieving the goal will be given priority first. Initially, we want to allocate one service partners for each city, so that the allocated service partner can cover the entire city by increasing their cleaning staff as per market demand.


No Commission: There is no commission in any service partnership program.

No Revenue Sharing: Our service partners are not required to pay us any dividend or share of their profits.

Independent Business: It is a 100% independent business owned and controlled by service partner.

No Boundation: There is no boundation on the service area for our service partners; they can provide/supply their services anytime, anywhere as per their own convenience.

No Restriction on Purchase: There is no restriction on the purchase of any machinery and equipment; Service partners are allowed to buy anything from any vendor according to their requirement.

Customizable Packages: Service partner can customize the packages & prices as per their convenience, subject to the price must not exceed our standard prices.

Mobile App: The Company will facilitate a mobile application for each service partner as well as for customers, where the customers can get the booking facility, and the service partners can get the booking details, call details, call recording and many other useful features. The company can incorporate many more features as per the requirement.

Access Right: Service partner has full right to allot access powers to their staff for login into mobile application according to their requirement.


Profile:Applicant must have adequate knowledge of business management, customer handling as well as enough experience in cleaning segment.

Machinery: Applicant must have sufficient cleaning machinery & equipment and necessary setup for the business; Washing and cleaning services must be delivered by trained staff and quality products should be used, so that the quality of the service remains intact. Environment friendly techniques and cleaning materials should be used.

Documentary: Applicant has to prepare an operational video, where machinery and equipment is being used by applicant or by the staff, which needs to be shared with us.

Agreement: A MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) will be signed by both the parties.

Training Program: Ola Car Wash has brought in-house training program that includes theoretical, practical and troubleshooting as well as skills development in cleaning segment. It is an optional paid program @15,000/- per staff.

Single Window: We are a single-window for our service partners, where they can find solutions regarding setup, machinery and equipment for entire project; because the company is neither a manufacturer nor a retailer, it is just a medium to provide facilities to its service partners through its channel partners.

Subscription Fee: Subscription fee @2000/- per month will be applicable at the time of renewal for next one year to resume the following services:

  •  Business with Brand.
  •  Mobile Number.
  •  IVR with Brand Music.
  •  Local Brand Music.
  •  Mobile Application.
  •  Website Page.
  •  Listing on Google.
  •  Listing on Map.
  •  Calls from Customers.
  •  Online Bookings.
  •  Online Inquiries.
  •  WhatsApp Inquiries.
  •  Upto 1,200 Inquires @Free.


Step-1: Online Apply (Applicant)

Step-2: Availability Checking (Company)

Step-3: Pay Rs 5,000/- Processing Charges for Feasibility Checking

Step-4: Visit the office for conclusion and final payment

Step-5: Activation (It may take 30 business days)


Service Partnership

Activation Fee: 1.5 Lakh

Setup/Vehicle: NIL

Machinery/Eqpt: NIL

Project Cost: 3 to 10 Lakh+

Activation time: 30 days*.


Service Partnership+Bike Setup

Activation Fee: 1.5 Lakh

Setup/Vehicle: NIL

Machinery/Eqpt: 02 Sets

Project Cost: 3 Lakh+

Activation time: 30 days*.


Service Partnership+e-Car Setup

Activation Fee: 1.5 Lakh

Setup/Vehicle: e-Cart

Machinery/Eqpt: 01+01 Sets

Project Cost: 10 Lakh+

Activation time: 30 days*.

This is the best chance to become a successful entrepreneur, success will not come tomorrow unless you start today; Ola Car Wash empower you to create a better tomorrow for cleaners and scattered labours, as powerful people make powerful others; So join us to become a business tycoon in the car wash business in your city. Apply now! You will not get the same opportunity twice.