The Detailing Brothers


Ola Car Wash brings to you a profitable business opportunity in the Car Care segment which has a high demand and fast growing business across the Country.

Car Care segment is a very big concept where is basically two sub-categories available, one is car washing and another is car detailing; car washing is a basic & initial concept for entrepreneurs whereas car detailing is an advance stage which is the actual car care business.

Ola Car Wash is the most suitable web platform for those who are working in any stage of car care business or who want to start a new business in this segment.


Simply to reduce the failure and achieve the goal easily; and go online a business without any extra burden; and use premium web platform to connect customers; and get support and guidelines for business, machinery, equipment & service issues.


Most of the franchisor companies intend to sell their machinery and equipment only to get immediate profit, they are not convenient to grow the business of franchise.

Anybody can arrange machinery and equipment easily, but Nobody can regular arrange customer which is the most important to survive a business; most of new businesses got shutting down within three to six months due to inconsistency of customers.

It is very important to know the key to success for a business that is consisting customers only. there is no formulation ready for anyone to collect customers for the company concerned; because, most of the customers use Google search for their needs, whereas no one can control these customers to choose a specific service provider on Google search result.

Whereas, Ola Car Wash is the most convenient and highly successful for customer engagement; because, most of the customers intend to choose a service provider on Google search result in a moment where we are the best choice for the customer.

For customer engagement, you need to know the demand-supply scenario like thirsty and water supplier; whereas, the customer has the option to choose the right supplier from the list; that's why it is most importance that your business name becomes the right choice for maximum customers.


Door to Door Car Wash🔗 is a highest demanded service in the car care segment; in the doorstep car washing business concept, a numerous services may be delivered at customer's doorstep such as car washing, car cleaning, car interior dry cleaning, car rubbing polishing & sofa dry cleaning services. Clean n Go Car Detailing Studio Outlet concept is very popular to car lovers and luxury car owners for various detailing services such as car detailing, car under body anti rust coating, teflon coating, ceramic coating & paint protection film (PPF) installation services.


Ola Car Wash supports all realistic dialogues such as 'Self Employment Generation with minimum Income Guarantee', 'Swachh Bharat', 'Clean Vehicle Healthy Journey', 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' & ‘Vocal for Local'.


Ola Car Wash intends to generate a large number of self-employment in the car care segment across the Country and set up a chain of cleaning mechanism; so that the entrepreneurs and existing players can also get continuous customers from their local area. The intention of the company is to empower its service partners, so that they can become “ATMANIRBHAR”.


There is a big challenge to sustain the business and earn consistently; basically there are three stages in a business, first is learning, second is sustaining, third and the final stage is earning. Most of businesses got shutdown within three to six months due to un-sustainability till earning mode.


Our verified business partnership projects have been able to minimize the failures of a business; we empower our business partners and ensure web visibility around their locality to reach customers directly, for which our technical team will continuously work; however, activities of respective service partner are also liable for increasing the traffic of customers.


Empowering Service Partners to Generate Employment Opportunities Under the Partnership Project.


Our service partners have the freedom to increase traffic of customers as per their convenience. The two factors work simultaneously; one is the common promotional activities of the company and the other is the activities of the respective service partner.


We have brought you two types of business partnership projects, the first is a service partnership (franchise) and the second is the local service provider, for which enthusiastic youth who want to become a business tycoon in the car care segment can join us.


A service partnership Project is a franchise model of business in which the service partner will carry out a car care business under this umbrella with the exclusive right to use our name; whereas, they also have the right to use their brand simultaneously. More than one service partner is not allowed in the same area.

The online booking system of our dynamic website will act on behalf of our service partners in their nearest area; contact details of the nearest service partner like mobile number, WhatsApp number, address, and name will be published on the website, and the same will be visible to the web visitors or customers, consequently, all bookings (online, WhatsApp, call) will be communicated directly with the nearest franchise.

The service partner will be able to change the price rate of any cleaning services upon request or by direct login to the admin panel.


  • Franchise : Rs 1,26,000/-
  • Machinery: Rs 3,00,000/- onwards


The Local Service Provider Project is a premium business listing feature to gain visibility on our city wise webpages. We will publish the name, contact details, verified seal, trust seal, Google rating of the local service provider on our city wise webpages, so that customers can easily connect with the nearest service provider.


  • Listing Charges : Rs 5,000/-
  • Addons : Rs 12,000/- onwards