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Ola Car Wash

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Ola Car Wash

Ola Car Wash is a leading trust-worthy company in car care industries; it is the most suitable web platform to cater Car Washing, Car Detailing and Car Coating services across the country through its local service partners / franchisees.

Ola Car Wash (P) Limited is associated with 'The Detailing Gang' and 'Door2Door Car Wash' to cater to all type demands of customers, whether to visit our detailing centres or to get doorstep services, both types of services are available at a single-window.

Mobile Car Wash Setup
Car Detailing Studio Setup

In this era, car washing and detailing is one of the biggest challenges in every urban area to meet the market demand with adequate quality.

In the auto care segment, there are many advanced and innovative technologies available in the car care segment such as Teflon coating, Ceramic coating, PPF (Paint Protection Film) for long lasting shine and gloss of the car; whereas, neither most of the service providers nor a large number of car owners are aware of the latest technologies. Ola Car Wash wants to organize and skilled-up all the scattered detailing brothers under one roof to enhance the quality and efficiency, also we have to explore and share the latest car care technologies to the valued car owners, so that our maximum customers can be happy and satisfied simultaneously.

Group of Detailing Brothers:

Ola Car Wash is a group of detailing brothers and its trusted and most suitable digital platform for Business-to-Business (B2B) & Business-to-Consumer (B2C). Detailing Bothers can easily list their business on our B2B web portal to get visibility at their prominent location to connect directly with their nearest customers. Simultaneously, needy customers can found a trust-worthy verified service provider from nearby.

Ola Car Wash

Techniques in Car Care:

Ola Car Wash promises to discover useful technologies in the car care segment to make a car cleaner skilful efficient for adequate care of the car with minimize wastage of water. We encourage all car cleaners and detailers to save precious water resources by using the latest car cleaning mechanisms. In the water wastage scenario in the auto cleaning segment, we have to move on to the steam car washing system which is already adopted in the developed countries, however, nowadays some high-end foam car washing systems use very little water which may able to save 60% to 70% of water per car even at the doorstep of the customer.

Car Care Services


Our main objective is to change the mindset about car cleaning; most of the people prefer exterior washing; whereas, interior cleaning is more important than exterior cleaning, which is more possible with advance cleaning mechanism. Preventing any unwanted germs and virus infection may require a healthy interior of the car, for which a trust-worthy deep dry cleaning professional is ultimately able to do adequate cleaning as well as they'll be able to save expensive interior fabric.

Ola Car Wash