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Top Windshield Protection Film for Cars in Delhi, NCR | 3M & Garware.

Windshield Protection Film is not the same as regular window films. It is specifically designed to be installed on the outside of a car's windshield. Its purpose is to increase driving safety by protecting against road dangers like stones that can cause chips in the glass. In addition, it strengthens the windshield and reduces the chances of glass shards spreading in case of a strong impact, which helps to minimize harm to those inside the car.

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Benefits of Car Windshield Protection Safety Glaze Film

Enhance the protection and water repellency of your car windshield by selecting a film with Safety Glaze features. Check out these notable characteristics:

  1. Protection from Road Hazards:

    The film acts as a barrier for your windshield, safeguarding it from potential harm caused by debris on the road.

  2. Safety Feature:

    Safety is enhanced and the risk of injuries is reduced by preventing the scattering of glass fragments during accidents.

  3. Fuel Saving:

    Experience an approximate 5% saving in fuel consumption.

  4. Scratch Resistance:

    By using windshield protection film, you can prevent scratches and maintain a clear glass surface for a longer duration. This film acts as a reliable barrier, safeguarding your windshield from minor scratches caused by tree branches, car wash brushes, or unexpected obstacles.

  5. UV Ray Blocking:

    Some specific films protect your car's windshield and interior from UV rays, keeping your dashboard and upholstery safe from fading and harm.

  6. Reduced Glare:

    Some films come with unique characteristics that help minimize glare from car headlights and the sun, making it easier to see and stay safe, especially during the night.

  7. Improved Durability

    Using a protective film on your windshield can make it last longer by preventing damage, saving you money on replacements.

  8. Easy Maintenance:

    Maintaining your windshield protection film is easy. You can clean it just like regular glass, no need for any special treatments or products.

  9. Enhanced Resale Value:

    The installation of windshield protection film can increase the resale value of your car. It acts as a safeguard against damage, offering potential buyers a sense of security.

  10. Clarity:

    Installing window films correctly ensures they are barely visible, providing a clear and unobstructed view.

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Best Windshield Protection Film Brand: Garware Windshield Film

Need a windshield protection film that fits all your needs? Check out Garware Company's Hi-Tech Films, a top choice among professional car detailers. What sets them apart is their commitment to research and development, making sure their product is ideal for India's weather conditions. Plus, Garware produces all components of their films in-house, ensuring top-notch quality throughout the process.

With ISO-9001:2015 certification and sales offices in India, the USA, the UK, and China, Garware Hi-Tech Films has achieved international recognition, now operating in more than 50 countries around the world.

Windshield Protection Film Price:

Windshield protection film for cars can range from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 22,000, depending on the type you prefer. Garware Company provides three variants, each with unique features and pricing. Compare them to select the most suitable option.

  • Garware Sun Control Film International:

    Garware Sun Control Film is a window film that offers great value for money. It has a special feature that deflects light, reducing glare and relieving strain on your eyes. With up to 99% UV-ray rejection and clear vision, it is perfect for economy class cars. The price range for this film is between Rs. 4,000 and Rs. 6,000. Below are the characteristics of Garware Sun Control Film:

    • Non-Reflective
    • High Performance
    • Gradation
    • High Privacy
    • Safety and Security
    • 99% UV Ray Rejection
    • Superb visibility
    garware windshield film
  • Garware Windshield Safety Glazing ICS:

    Experience the excellence of the Garware Sun Control Film Ice Cool Shield, a premium film crafted using state-of-the-art technology. This film provides an impressive 97% InfraRed blockage and offers numerous advantages. It is designed for high-end cars and is available in a price range of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000. Below are the characteristics of Garware Windshield Safety Glazing ICS:

    • Safety Glazing Ice Cool
    • Suncontrol Films
    • Approved in the Motor Vehicle Act
    • Safety & Security Film
    • VLT up to 82%
    • Heat Rejection: 35%
    • UV Ray Rejection: 99%
    • Solar energy up to 70%
    • Infrared up to 97%
    • Protect the Fading Dashboard
    • Fuel savings up to 5%
    • Front-back and side glasses
    garware suncontrol ice cool shield
  • Garware Windshield Safety Glazing ACS:

    The Garware Windshield Safety Glazing Arctic Cool Shield is an advanced film that uses cutting-edge technology to offer exceptional benefits. With heat rejection of up to 42% and fuel savings of up to 5%, this film is truly remarkable. It is classified as a VIP-class car product and is priced between Rs. 21,000 and Rs. 22,500. Below are the characteristics of Garware Windshield Safety Glazing ACS:

    • Safety Glazing Arctic Cool
    • Suncontrol Films
    • Approved in the Motor Vehicle Act
    • Safety & Security Film
    • VLT up to 79%
    • Heat Rejection: 42%
    • UV Ray Rejection: 99%
    • Solar energy up to 70%
    • Infra Red up to 97%
    • Protect the Fading Dashboard
    • Fuel savings up to 5%
    • Front-back and side glasses
    garware suncontrol arctic cool shield

We also provide other branded windshield protection films, like 3M and Llumar. Call our experts at Phone07311108111 (9am to 7pM) or WhatsApp anytime WhatsApp For Deal of the Day!

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When purchasing windshield protection film with safety glazing features, be wary of roadside shops that sell Garware Sun Control Film instead. The Sun Control Film lacks safety glazing features and is priced much lower than the Windshield Safety Glazing Arctic Cool Shield. While the Sun Control Film is suitable for economy cars without safety glazing, the Arctic Cool Shield is specifically designed for VIP cars with premium safety features. To ensure you make an informed decision, it's advisable to consult a professional car detailer who can guide you on the right choice for your car's safety glazing needs.


Q. Are windshield scratches removable?

A. Some windshield scratches can be fixed, but it varies based on their depth and severity. For deep scratches, it's recommended to seek help from a professional.

Q. Which windshield protection film is best for my car?

A. There are many top windshield protection film brands available on the market, like Garware Windshield Film, Llumar, and 3M windshield protection film, to name a few, each with its own benefits and special features.

Q. What is the cost of repairing a scratched windshield?

A. Repairing a damaged windshield in India may have different prices depending on the type of vehicle and the level of damage. Contact our professionals at +91-7311108111 for an accurate quote.

Q. Can toothpaste eliminate scratches on windshields?

A. Avoid using toothpaste on your windshield to get rid of scratches. Toothpaste is meant for teeth, not glass, and could actually worsen the scratches.

Q. Does the Indian government ban these films?

A. In the past, tinted glass windshields were used for managing sunlight in cars but got banned because of a rise in crimes against women taking place in vehicles with tinted windows. Safety Glaze Films have now come up as a government-approved substitute, offering improved features and dependability.

Q. How to Keep Your Windscreen Scratch-Free?

A. Regularly inspect your wipers, check the wiper fluids, and park your vehicle in a covered space to prevent any damage to the windshield. Consider using the Car Windshield Protection Film for excellent safeguarding.