The Detailing Brothers


Unemployment is a one of the biggest issues at this time, as well as new entrepreneurs who are facing inconsistent business planning. In this technology age, a new stratup disappears into the digital ocean. Billions of youths are commencing a business every day, but maximum numbers of them are unable to sustain a long. Become a successful business is meaningful for those who are spending time to learn the business and then invest in the business and in the end it needs to be sustained to reach the level of earning. Time and money are important to becoming a brand but at the same time experience is more important than money. Experience is in the way of working process in our lifespan. You have to work on the ground to learn, you have to be involved when making decisions, you have to follow the business process, you have to spend a big time to gain people's trust then you can earn from the business.

We ‘OLA CAR WASH’ are happy to announce readymade business modules for youth who can earn continuously for the first six months in support of our brand and minimum income commitment. We have to generate a large number of self-employment across the county, our goal is to reach every threshold of countryman by near future. Those who believe in working hard but have poor investment potential can also join us as freelancers. Those who are ready to invest and earn immediately can also join us as a franchise. Those who have already started a business of car washing, car cleaning, car detailing or dry cleaning can also join us as franchise subscriber for fast growth and consistent income.

Freelancer: Join us as freelancer and get regular customers enquiries on affordable cost; we will facilitate a Mobile Apps (Mobile application of Ola Car Wash) which has a large numbers of innovative features like deal exchange, deal posting, digital wallet, car wash booking, deal rating, deal history and many more. You can start a better and secured career with Ola Car Wash.

Franchise: Young entrepreneurs are welcome for commencing car washing franchise business with Ola Car Wash. We have designed two different modules for door to door car wash business, one is wheeler bike module and another is three wheeler e-cart module. For more information kindly visit our products page.