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Service Partnership

Become a Service Partner

Ola Car Washâ„¢ is offering you an opportunity to be the Service Partner for your local area. Both those who want to start car care business or who are already in this segment are allowed to register their business with us to get a large number of local customers.


Our service partners have exclusive rights to use our company name and web platform for approved business purposes while their membership is active.


  • Candidates should have valid photo Identity Card.
  • Candidates should have valid residential proof.
  • Candidates should have knowledge in business.


Profile Ola Car Wash


Applicant must have adequate knowledge of business management, customer handling as well as enough experience in cleaning segment, these are the important aspects to start and run the car cleaning business smoothly.

Machinery Ola Car Wash


Necessary setup, adequate cleaning Machinery and equipment, eco friendly techniques, trained staff and quality product should be used. So that the quality of the service remains intact.

Documentary Ola Car Wash


Operational video needs to be prepared in working condition where machinery and equipment is being used by any of the car washing staff. This needs to be shared with us.


  1. Candidate has to apply online only.
  2. The Company will check the availability of applied location.
  3. Candidate will get reply of availability for applied location.
  4. Candidate has to pay charges for feasibility test.
The company should conduct a technical survey of the relevant location applied for by the candidate for the proposed business; The company will prepare a five-year business prediction plan based on the feasibility test.
  1. Candidate has a freedom to decide for further course of action after feasibility test.
  2. Candidate has to pay Franchises Subscription and other charges.
  3. Candidate's business will be activated soon after codal formalities.


  1. 02 to 06 working days are required to check availability.
  2. 10 to 15 working days are required for feasibility test.
  3. 15 to 45 working days are required for final activation.


  1. Franchises Subscription: 50,000/-
  2. Printing Materials Charges: 15,000/-
  3. Promotional Service Charges: 36,500/-
  4. Handling Charges @5% : 5,075/-
  5. Total Rs 1,06,575/- (GST Extra)

Renewal: Rs 1,000/- Per Month (yearly only, from next term)


  1. Visibility on Google: Service Partner along with Tag line of Company Name would be visible on Google in their localities.
  2. Visibility on Google Map: Service Partner along with Tag line of Company Name would be visible on Google Map.
  3. Authenticity: Service partner details will be published on our website as proof of service partnership.
  4. Service Partner's Website: A dedicated webpage will be allotted in the name of the service partner's business.
  5. Custom Prices & Packages: Each service partner is allowed to modify or customize the price and package as per their convenience.
  6. No Limit Customer Enquiries: There is no limit to customer enquiries which may vary based on the performance and activities of the respective service partner.
  7. Google Ads Access: We will build a Google Ads, which will be linked to Google My Business account with management access power for the respective service partner, so that the respective service partner can monitor the performance of Ads and they can also able to top-up Google Ads to drive customer enquiries at their convenience.
No Commission Ola Car Wash

No Commission

No Revenue Share Ola Car Wash

NO Revenue Sharing

Indipendent Business Ola Car Wash

Independent Business

No Boundation Business Ola Car Wash

No Boundation

No Restriction Ola Car Wash

No Restriction on Purchase

Customizable Packages Business Ola Car Wash

Customizable Packages

Mobile App Ola Car Wash

Mobile App

Access Rights Ola Car Wash

Access Rights

Single Window Ola Car Wash

Single Window


The Service Partner Business is 100% independent to be controlled and managed by them only.


There are two categories of business scope available, one is door to door car wash business and the other is clean n go car detailing studio business. The service partner will has to choose any one or both of these as per his convenience.


  1. Direct Calls: Customer can call the respective service partner directly on Google search or by visiting our website page.
  2. Online Orders: Customer can visit respective service partner website page and can able to book a service online.
  3. Direct Email: Customer can email to respective service partner whereas, email id of service partner would be available on Google or Website.
  4. Direct WhatsApp: Customer can WhatsApp directly to respective service partner from website's one touch WhatsApp button.


The Company is hereby responsible for arranging various promotional events for establishing a well business foundation of its service partners, so that customers can easily connect with the nearest service partner, subject to feasibility to the company.

The company will monitor the quality of service of the service partners, in case of any issue of quality, a guide line will be directed to the concerned service partner upto three times otherwise concerned service partner will be suspended.


Service partners are fully responsible for providing quality services to their customers, so that the company's reputation remains intact as well as customers will be satisfied. Service Partners are liable to handle each deal themselves at their convenience.


There is no restriction or specification of service area for any service partner, each service partner has freedom to provide his services anywhere in the country as per his convenience.


Only one service partner is allowed within a radius of 10 Kms which may vary by location.


Service Partners are allowed to arrange necessary machinery and equipment at their convenience, the Company does not compel the Service Partners to purchase any machinery and equipment from the Company or alliance, Service Partners have the freedom to arrange necessary machinery and equipment from the open market; whereas, the service partner can seek suggestions and instructions from the company.

a) Machinery & Equipment for Door to Door Car Washing Project.

Estimated cost per setup Rs 1 lakh + cost of Bike / Scooty / E-Cart / Any other vehicle.

  1. Portable High-Pressure Car Washer.
  2. Foam Lance Set.
  3. Portable Vacuum Cleaner (Wet & Dry).
  4. Rubbing Machine Tools.
  5. Polish Machine Tools (Optional).
  6. Sanitizing Machine (Optional).
  7. Back-Pack Bag.
  8. Front Car Washer Box (if required).
  9. Rear Vacuum Box (if required).
  10. Cleaning Materials.
  11. Microfibers Cloth items.
  12. Chemicals.

b) Machinery & Equipment for Car Detailing Studio Outlet Project.

Estimated cost per setup Rs 15 lakh.

  1. Heavy Duty High-Pressure Car Washer.
  2. Steam Car Washing Machine.
  3. Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner.
  4. Foam Lance Sets.
  5. Rubbing Machine Tool.
  6. Polish Machine Tool.
  7. Hydraulic Lift.
  8. Air Compressor System
  9. Air Guns.
  10. Paint Spray Guns.
  11. Nitrogen Air System.
  12. Sanitizing Machine.
  13. Branding & Lighting.
  14. Cleaning Materials.
  15. Microfibers Cloth items.
  16. Chemicals.


Service partners must use any branded chemical that falls within the top 10 brands; No local chemicals are allowed to be used.


Service partners have to arrange trained staff for their business; however, the company may conduct paid short-term capsule courses for the purpose of practical and theoretical training for the staff of respective service partner only. The training fee is Rs 15,000/- per staff.


a) Possible Services may be delivered on door to door car washing project.

  1. Doorstep Car & Bike Washing Services.
  2. Doorstep Car & Bike Rubbing Polish Services.
  3. Doorstep Car & Bike Teflon Coating Services.
  4. Doorstep Car & Bike Headlight Restoration Services.
  5. Doorstep Car Dry Cleaning Services
  6. Doorstep Car Sanitizing Services.
  7. Doorstep Home / Office Sanitizing Services
  8. Doorstep Sofa related Dry Cleaning Services.

b) Possible Services may be delivered on Car Detailing Studio Outlet project.

  1. Complete Car Care Services.
  2. Car Washing Services.
  3. Car Detailing Services.
  4. Car Dry Cleaning Services.
  5. Car Sanitizing Services.
  6. Headlight Restoration Services.
  7. Car Under Body Anti-Rust Coating Services.
  8. Car Teflon Coating Services.
  9. Car Ceramic Coating Services.
  10. Car Paint Protection Film Installation Services.
  11. and many more services.


  • Step-1: Online Apply (Applicant)
  • Step-2: Availability Checking (Company)
  • Step-3: Pay Rs 5,000/- Charges of Technical Survey for Feasibility.
  • Step-4: Pay Subscription on Acceptance of Feasibility Report.
  • Step-5: Activation (It may takes 15 to 45 Business Days).
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