Ola Car Wash brings beneficial business opportunities for you.

Start your own detailing business with the help of Ola Car Wash.

Ola Car Wash can help you to start a professional mobile car detailing business for a nominal fee.

Our specially customized door to door steam car washing project is an ideal for today's growing market demand; and our aim is to prevent unwanted damages to the vehicle by washing it with raw water, as well as conserving water and energy, which is one of the world's most limited natural resources.

The Ola Car Wash franchise business is a high profit margin on low investment and a huge potential market. If you would like to become a successful entrepreneur and earn a high, and protect the environment at the same time, this could be the ideal franchise opportunity for you.

Become a Franchisee

Boost the Entrepreneur in YOU

Get Franchise @1000/- per month along-with a bundle of features.

Allow to use of brand names

Fully independent business

Get B2C web platform

Get franchisee web pages

Get direct emails from clients

Get direct calls from clients

One click WhatsApp feature

Business Listing on Google

Business Listing on Google Map

Business Listing on Other Search Engine

Google Map driving feature

Social Pages Linking

Why Franchisee?: Before commencing a new startup, you should aware the following differential datas between Startup Business V/S Franchise Business. Let's see below:-

Success Rate






Risk Factor



Technical Know How



Training & Support






Low Investment

It is a ready-to-business concept for door to door washing and detailing services in which you can enter with low investment and also from your home. Lower start-up costs will allow you a faster way to return your investments. You can arrange car washing and cleaning equipment from the local market and start your own business. While you sign our franchise agreement, you will be allowed to use our brand names 'Ola Car Wash' and 'Door2Door Car Wash' to gather a large number of customers in a short time.

Most Profitable

Start small to grow up! a car washing business can be most profitable for the entrepreneur, in which there should be a small business experience in the past. In the vehicle cleaning segment upto 50 percent margin is a common factor for a entrepreneur, however its profit ratio may be increased at expert level. There is various add-ons are available to enhance its trading standards like various types of coating services, paint protection services, cleaning materials and equipment sales etc. However, the entrepreneur has to prepare a business strategy according to the market's demand.

Brand Support

Ola Car Wash is a premium steam car wash and detailing service provider in India, franchises are allowed to use our brand names to make easy reaching to customers, whereas the company will guide to grow business. Our franchisees will be allowed to use our brand names or company names or websites for their convenience subject to our guidelines. We will incorporate our franchisees in our websites ie. as well as and we will be allotted dedicated WebPages according to location or city area under aforesaid websites in respect of each franchisee.

Independent Business

It is uniqueness in our franchise plan that our franchisee is completely independent in their business and earnings. The company will neither be involved in income nor in the profit of franchisee. There is no restriction for service area for any franchisee; our franchisees are always free to serve their services any where any time at their convenience. We are only committed for allotment a geographical point of location to a franchise; we never allot another franchisee within a 10 KMs distance without NOC from existing franchise or suitable business reason.

B2C Platform

Our websites (web-portals) will work as a B2C (Business to Customer) for each franchisee. The franchisee does not need to develop a website nor need to spend a penny for hosting, maintenance for website. We will include all business related information such as mobile number, WhatsApp number, email id, business name, business address and latitude & longitude of our franchisees in our database as well as we will also arrange to listing in Google the same, so that web visitors will see all business information as the nearest franchisee's contact number. Our websites (web-portals) will show all business information as the nearest franchisee's contact number etc. according to latitude & longitude or IP address of visitor. Our Websites (Web-portals) will help to direct communication between customer and franchisee by one touch call, one touch WhatsApp, online booking, online enquiry etc.


To start a door to door car wash business you can arrange a mobile setup to provide door to door car washing services at your local area. You can buy car washing and cleaning machinery, equipment and materials from the local market at your convenience; however, we will assist you according to your investment plan. For your convenience, we have designed some products for the purpose of door to door car washing business i.e ‘Door2Door Car Washing e-Cart Project’ & ‘Door2Door Car Washing Bike Project’ for details you can visit products page.

Franchise Fee

• Rs.1,000/- per month franchise fee will be paid in advance (billing cycle will be only half yearly or yearly)

• Rs.5,000/- One-time Registration fee.

# WhatsApp @7982010584 for any query.


Step-1: Apply for Franchise.

Step-2: Pay Fees.

Step-3: Signup Agreement.

Apply for Franchise


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This Franchise Agreement (this "Agreement') is made and entered into this Thursday, 12th day of December, 2019 , between Ola Car Wash Private Limited whose registered office is at Shop No-1, 11/322, DDA Flat Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 ("Franchisor") and 'Your Company Name or Your Name' (incase proprietor or individual) whose/his/her registered/residing address is at ‘franchisee address’ ("Franchisee"), with reference to the following facts:


Franchisor is the licensee of a unique and proprietary system for providing door to door car wash (“door2door car wash”) services / vehicle washing & cleaning services, dry cleaning services, steam cleaning services and outlets for vehicle washing & cleaning services in the name of ‘Clean n Go’. Franchisor continues to expend time, skill and money to improve this business concept. Franchisor is the owner of Ola Car Wash, Door to Door Car Wash (“Door2Door Car Wash”) and technology that Franchisor considers to be proprietary (the "Technology"). Franchisee wants to obtain a franchise to operate one or more ‘Door2Door Car Wash’ Services or ‘Clean n Go’ or ‘Clean and Go’ outlets for vehicle washing & cleaning Services providing at a specific location or in a defined geographic area using the Door2Door Car Wash Services or Clean n Go outlet services. Franchisor is agreed for granting to Franchisee a franchise on the following terms & conditions in this Agreement and also included all content of web pages /clauses of company websites / web portal along with all web pages of terms & conditions, privacy & policy, disclosure, disclaimer etc. of company websites / web portal.


1.1  Grant of Franchise:Franchisor grants Franchisee the right to operate one or more Door to Door Car Wash Service point(s) (the "Point of Service") using the Door2Door Car Wash Services as it may be developed over time, to provide services at a location or in a geographic area defined in Exhibit A (the "Service Zone"). The franchise also includes a non-exclusive license for Franchisee to use and display the Door2Door Car Wash & Ola Car Wash Marks and to use the Technology in operating the Point of Service in the Service Zone. Franchisee should operate a minimum of one Door2Door Car Wash System at the Point of Service.

1.1.1.  Franchise is an alliance as corporate service partner agreed to provide one or more services pertaining to vehicle washing, cleaning & detailing services to customer(s) / client(s) of both parties.

1.2.  Best Efforts: Franchisee should continuously use Franchisee's best efforts to co-operate, maintain and increase the volume of business at the Point of Service.

1.3.  Features & Services included: Franchisor should arrange following features, facilities & services for Franchisee(s):-

1.3.1.  Webpage/Website: Franchisor should be designed and published a specific web page (url) under our Company’s website(s) or Brand’s website(s) containing following features & facilities depend on feasibility to the Company:-  Franchisee Name and address: Name and Address of franchisee to be published in respective Franchisee web page.  Franchisee Contact Number(s): Contact number(s) of franchisee will be published in respective franchisee’s web page for the purpose of communication between franchisee and customers (clients).  Online Enquiry web form: An online enquiry web form should be available in Franchisee web page; so that customers’ online enquiry information will be distributed among the franchisor and respective franchisee & customer through email api.  WhatsApp web Button: A WhatsApp web button may be available in respective franchisee’s web page; WhatsApp button works on single click to send directly WhatsApp message to respective franchisee without saving contact number.  Franchisee map location: Map location of franchisee to be published in respective Franchisee web page. It is a third party map indicating location of franchisee. It may be upgraded or changed anytime subject to feasibility of company.  Declaration as corporate alliance: Franchisee should be declared as corporate service partner / alliance in respective Franchisee web page.  Google directory: Franchisor should arrange to Google business listing of franchisee within stipulated time.  Google Map: Franchisor should arrange franchisee business listing in Google Map.  Google Map Drive: Franchisor may arrange to enlist franchisee business address in Google Map Drive, so that customer(s) / Client(s) can use Google Map Driving facility to reach Franchisee location. It is a third party solution which may be upgraded or changed anytime subject to feasibility of company.  Google Search Engine Synchronization: Franchisor should arrange to required task for Google Search Engine Synchronization not included to SEO or any paid promotional services. There is not included any paid online / offline promotional services (advertisement).

1.4.  Franchise Fee: Franchisee should pay registration fee (onetime) and thereafter a monthly charges should be paid in advance basis to avail franchise (including above said features and facilities)

1.4.1.  Registration Fee: Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only); On signing this Agreement, Franchisee shall pay Franchisor Registration Fee. Registration fee is neither transferable nor returnable.

1.4.2.  Monthly Charges: Rs 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only); Franchisee should pay monthly charges in advance basis to avail benefits of franchisee including franchisee features and facilities. Billing cycle should be half-yearly or annually only.

1.5.  Limited Exclusivity: While Franchisee is in full compliance with this and all other agreements with Franchisor, Franchisor shall not establish or grant a franchise to anyone else to operate a Door2Door Car Wash Services Point of Service in the location or defined geographic area comprising the Service Zone. The rights granted in this Agreement do not include marketing exclusivity; or exclusivity to portions of the parking lot or other area not within the Service Zone. Franchisor can operate or grant franchises or licenses to others to operate Door2Door Car Wash Services Point of Services adjoining or anywhere else at the edge or outside of the Service Zone; and other Door2Door Car Wash Services Point of Services may solicit and service customers and advertise regardless of geographic location. Franchisor can also arrange for manufacture of products whether or not identified by the Door2Door Car Wash, and cause them to be sold through any distribution channels, all without geographic restriction.

1.6.  Caution: The franchisor has been directed to all franchises to avoid doing any of our related services in public space, road or road side or non-authorized area. The Company is not responsible or liable for the unauthorized activities of any franchise.


2.1.  Term(s): This Agreement's term is one (1) year(s), starting on the date both parties have signed. However, this Agreement shall terminate earlier on the soonest to occur of (a) expiration, termination or other loss of the right or loss of consent from the landlord of the Service Zone, to operate there; or (b) the date this Agreement is terminated as provided. Franchisee acknowledges that the current term of the lease for the Service Zone is your location with PIN CODE.

2.2.  Notice of Expiration: If the law requires longer notice of expiration than Franchisor has given, then the term of this Agreement shall automatically be extended week-to-week until Franchisor has given the notice required and the required time has passed before the expiration becomes effective.

2.3.  Renewal: If Franchisee has complied fully with all the conditions precedent to renewal, then Franchisee shall have the right, but no obligation, on expiration of this Agreement to enter into a renewal Franchise Agreement (the "Renewal Agreement") for one consecutive one (1) year term (the "Renewal Term").


3.1.  Location: Franchisor may, but is not obligated to, secure for or propose to Franchisee a proposed Service Zone. If the Service Zone is not defined in Exhibit A when this Agreement is signed, then Franchisee shall find and propose for Franchisor's approval a Service Zone for the Point of Service. The proposed Service Zone must be in the geographic territory identified in Exhibit A. Franchisee must do this according to the requirements in Franchisor's Franchisee Book. Franchisee shall not sign a lease or other agreement ("Lease") with any landlord until after receiving Franchisor's written consent for both the proposed Service Zone and proposed Lease.

3.2.  Relocation: Franchisee shall not relocate the Point of Service without Franchisor's prior written consent. Franchisor shall have the right to require any relocation to comply with this Article 4 and all other provisions of this Agreement. Any relocation occurring in compliance with this Agreement shall be deemed to be the Service Zone. In the event of loss of the right or consent to operate at the Service Zone, or the location owner's objection to Franchisee, without fault of Franchisee, Franchisor shall try to identify a new location for Franchisee, and shall consent to relocation of the Point of Service to an alternate location acceptable to Franchisor. This relocation shall be at Franchisee's sole expense. Franchisee acknowledges that relocation may not be possible before expiration of the term of this Agreement, or at all; and any relocation, could involve interruption in operations until a new location is secured and operations resume.

3.3.  Approval Conditions: As a condition to approving a proposed Service Zone and proposed Lease, Franchisor may require Franchisee to submit information that Franchisor deems necessary to evaluate the proposed Service Zone and proposed Lease; and may specify terms, such as terms enabling Franchisor to control the location before termination due to breach, which Franchisor requires to appear in the Lease. Franchisor shall review Franchisee's proposed location and lease within 30 days of receipt of Franchisee's written request.

4.  Compliance with Law: Franchisee shall operate the Point of Service in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations of all government authorities.

5.  Manager: Franchisee shall designate a manager (the "Point of Service Manager") to perform day-to-day on-premises management of the Point of Service. Franchisee shall, at Franchisee's expense, require the Point of Service Manager to attend and successfully complete Franchisor's next scheduled Initial Training, and other training that Franchisor specifies.

6.  Coupons: Franchisor may publish issue and/or distribute any number of coupons and promotion offers, valid for discounts up to 20% on services to be provided by Franchisee. Franchisee shall accept and honor such coupons and offers. Franchisee shall not be entitled to reimbursement for the discounts granted.

7.  Quality: Franchisor shall have the right to require Franchisee to stop offering any service, using or selling any goods or engaging in any practice which, in Franchisor's opinion, conflicts with or causes the Point of Service not to conform to Franchisor's image, quality or other standards. Franchisee shall comply with all Franchisor's procedures and standards relating to the Door2Door Car Wash Services, including but not limited to, uniforms, image, materials as well as all other operating procedures and standards.

8.  Complementary Services: If and when requested in writing by Franchisor, Franchisee shall provide all complementary services required by Franchisor.

9.  Disclaimer: Franchisor shall have no obligation to obtain or maintain any insurance for or on behalf of Franchisee. Nothing in this Agreement is an undertaking or representation that the insurance Franchisee is required to obtain and maintain will be a sufficient amount or scope of insurance for any purpose. Franchisor is not responsible to provide products’ certification (certificate) or trade license for the services carry out by the franchisee.


10.1.  Proposed Advertising/ Website Usage: Franchisee shall submit to Franchisor, before use, all proposed advertising, promotion materials, print ads, broadcast ads, direct mail, press releases, signs, posters, leaflets and other advertising and promotion ("Advertising"). Franchisee shall not use any Advertising unless it has been furnished by or approved in writing by Franchisor. Franchisee shall not establish a website or promote or advertise Franchisee's Point of Service on the web or internet without first obtaining Franchisor's prior written consent. Franchisee shall submit all proposed website content to Franchisor for approval prior to use. Franchisee shall make all requested changes to the content Franchisor requests.

10.2.  Local Advertising: Franchisee shall spend himself for local advertising and promotion of the Point of Service.

10.3.  National Advertising: Franchisor is responsible for national advertisement only; however, franchise can also allowed to advertize their respective web site url to get its benefits. Franchisee should be obtained approval from franchisor for advertizing content or image before publish

11.  Disclosure: Franchisee and the Point of Service Manager, shall divulge only that confidential information and only to those personnel who must have access to that information to do their jobs. Franchisee shall take all precautions necessary to assure that Franchisee's personnel retain such information in confidence.


12.1.  Royalty: Franchisee shall pay to Franchisor a monthly continuing royalty.


13.1.  In-Term: While this Agreement is in effect, Franchisee shall not directly or indirectly engage, in any "Competitive Business" as defined below, either as an owner, investor, partner, shareholder, director, officer, employee, agent, advisor, consultant, or in any other capacity.

13.2.  Post-Term: For a period of 1 year immediately following expiration or termination of this Agreement, Franchisee shall not directly or indirectly engage, within the territory or within the territory granted by Franchisor to any other franchisee under any agreement in effect as of the date of expiration or termination of this Agreement, in any "Competitive Business" as defined below, either as an owner, investor, partner, shareholder, director, officer, employee, agent, advisor, consultant, or in any other capacity.

13.3.  Hiring: While this Agreement is in effect, and for 1 year after it expires or is terminated, Franchisee shall not hire or make any effort to hire for any purpose, any personnel of Franchisor or of any affiliate of Franchisor or of any other Pronto Wash franchisee without the prior written consent of the Franchisor, affiliate or franchisee for whom the person is employed.

13.4.  Competitive Business: The phrase "Competitive Business" means any business that offers or sells any form of washing service for cars or other mobile vehicles whether conducted from any one or more fixed or portable locations. This restriction shall not apply to an existing car wash business owned or operated by Franchisee.

13.5.  Responsibility of Franchisee: Franchisee should maintain proper reputation of the brand of franchisor. Franchisee is also responsible to provide a quality services with compliance for long term business relationship. Franchisee is also responsible to appointment trained experts / staffs for providing any services. Franchisee is also responsible for any misuses of products, machinery, equipment or vehicle cause to damage or loss.

14.  The said conditions and appendix thereto shall be read and constructed as forming part of this agreement and the parties hereto will respectively abide by and submit themselves to the conditions and perform the agreement on their parts respectively in such conditions contained.

15.  All disputes arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement shall be deemed to have arisen in Delhi and only courts in Delhi shall have jurisdiction to determine the same.

16.  The several parts of this contract have been read to us and fully understood by us. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set their respective hands the day and the year herein above written.

Signatures of both parties & two witnesses

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