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Ola Car Wash brings you profitable business opportunities.

Ola Car Wash has brought to you a digital platform that will enable you to receive inquiries from local customers directly; you can connect your existing car wash business to Ola Car Wash or you can start a new car wash business with less investment with the help of Ola Car Wash.

It is an initiative to generate self-employment across the country based on the concept of minimum income guarantee. We are providing a b2c (business to customer) business solution with adequate guidance, so that hard working youth can easily become successful.

Nowadays, there is a huge market for car washing business; car cleaning, dry cleaning, sanitization, detailing and various coating services are in great demand.

There are two segments in the car wash business, one is the studio outlet segment and another is the door to door car wash segment. Door to door car wash business is best & suitable for new entrepreneurs, as it requires neither an studio outlet nor large investment. Studio Outlet is best suitable for detailing and various coating services.

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Why the Franchise? Before commencing a new startup, you should aware the following differential datas between Startup Business V/s Franchise Business. Let's see.
Success Rate
 10% to 20%
Ola Car Wash
 80 to 90%
 Money & time
Ola Car Wash
 Well known
Risk Factor
 Very high
Ola Car Wash
Technical Know How
 Self Developed
Ola Car Wash
 Company R&D
Training & Support
Ola Car Wash
Ola Car Wash

Low Investment

Get Ola Car Wash Franchise with a low investment

It is a ready-to-business concept for door to door car washing and detailing services in which you can enter in this business with a low investment. You can also run this type of business from home. Lower start-up costs will give you a faster way to scale back your investment. You can arrange car washing and cleaning equipment from the local market and start your own car washing & dry cleaning business with the help of Ola Car Wash. Once you become our service partner, you will be allowed to use our brand names 'Ola Car Wash' and 'Door2Door Car Wash' to gather a large number of local customers in a short period of time.

Most Profitable

Ola Car Wash Franchise Returns Too Much

Start small to grow up; the car washing business may be the most profitable business for those entrepreneurs who have had a small business experience in the past. Up to 50 percent of profit is a common factor for an entrepreneur in the vehicle washing and cleaning segment, although it can be further increased at the specialist level. There are various add-ons available to enhance its trading standards like various types of coating services, paint protection services and sales of cleaning materials and equipment. However, the entrepreneur has to prepare a business strategy according to the market demand.

Independent Business

Ola Car Wash Franchise is 100% Independent Business

It is a unique feature in our franchise scheme that our franchise is completely independent in its business and earnings. The company will neither interfere with the franchise's income nor take any dividend from the franchise. There is no restriction on service area for any franchise. Our franchisees are always free to provide any service of entire cleaning segment anywhere in the country at their own convenience. We are committed to allotting a geographical location only to the franchise; We will not allot any another franchisees close to existing franchisees without obtaining NOC from existing franchisees or without suitable business reasons.

No Commission No Revenue Sharing

Ola Car Wash has brought "No Commission No Revenue Sharing" plan

It is our uniqueness that we will neither demand any commission nor ask the franchise to share any revenue. You will not need to share any information related to your income with us. You only have to pay the franchise fee on time to make our services continuous; There is no obligation to continue our services, you are free to decide whether to continue our services or not. You will be allowed to discontinue or stop our services at the end of the current franchise term, as well as you will be allowed to resume our services at any time by paying renewal fees, including discontinued period fees.

B2C Digital Platform

Ola Car Wash Franchise is a B2C Digital Platform

Our website (web-portal) will work as a B2C (Business to Customer) for each franchise. The franchise is neither required to develop any website nor need to spend even a penny for hosting server & maintenance of website. We will include all business related information such as mobile number, WhatsApp number, email id, business name and business address of the franchise in our database as well as in Google, so that web visitors will see all business information of their nearest franchise. Our Website (Web-portal) will help to establish a direct communication between the customers and their nearest franchise.

Brand Support

Ola Car Wash brand is yours brand @your area

The Ola Car Wash can now be known as your brand in your area under our franchise plan. You just have to arrange a mobile setup (mobile van) for door to door car wash business. You can purchase car washing machinery, equipment and materials from the local market at your convenience; however, we can help you according to your investment plan.

Franchise Fee

Ola Car Wash Franchise Fee is Rs 2000/- per month only

Just you have to pay rupees 2000/- per month only as a franchise fee to get a bunch of services like (i) Postpaid Mobile Number, (ii) IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System, (iii) Use of Brand Name, (iv) B2C Digital Platform, (v) Franchise website pages, (vi) Visibility on Google, (vii) Visibility on Google Map , (viii) Google driving route, (ix) Visibility on our official websites, (x) Direct email service, (xi) Direct WhatsApp service, (xii) Social Media Services, (xiii) Brand awareness activities, (xiv) Mobile App, etc.


Future of Business

There is a large market in the field of cleaning and sanitation; Nowadays awareness for cleaning of vehicle as well as office & home has spread among common people, now common people have come to know about the actual cleaning of vehicles as well as their residence and office.

We can bifurcate this business between basic and advanced levels; you have to adopt a door to door service which is a basic level of this business, so that you can reach a large number of customers in a short time and make it easy to generate revenue regularly.

During door-to-door cleaning service, a large number of customer belts will be built in a short time and at the same time local people will also get to know about your business; and you will also earn a physical experience of the business, so that you can plan its advance level according to the market strategy to provide complete car detailing and coating services under a studio outlet.

For car detailing and coating services, you should know enough about it; to commencing these services, you will need to appoint sufficient trained staff who have adequate knowledge of car details and coating services.

We like to suggest you, start small to grow up with minimum investment which is a full proof plan for immediate success.


  1. Door to Door Car Washing & Cleaning Services.
  2. Door to Door Car Sanitizing Cum Disinfecting Services.
  3. Door to Door Car Dry Cleaning Services.
  4. Door to Door Car Rubbing-Polishing Services.
  5. Door to Door Dry Cleaning Services for Sofa, carpet, etc.
  6. Door to Door Sanitizing Cum Disinfecting Services for home and office.

ADVANCE LEVEL: (Studio Outlet)

  1. Washing & Cleaning Services.
  2. Complete Detailing Services.
  3. Nano Coating Services.
  4. Teflon Coating Services.
  5. Opti Coating Services.
  6. Ceramic Coating Services.
  7. Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installation Services etc.


Recommendations for choosing the best for you

Our first plan i.e "Be a Service Partner" is recommended for those who like to start a business for the first time. There is a minimal investment that will helps you to analyze market demand and ground reality; during the first six months, you will gain real experience with more than 600+ customers, which will enable you to plan the right investment according to the market strategy.

Type of Franchise


Project Cost: Rs 1 lac

Processing & Activation time: 30 Working days.
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Type-II: Door to Door Car Washing Bike Setup

Project Cost: Rs 3 Lac

Processing & Activation time: 30 Working days.
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Type-II: Door to Door Car Washing e-Cart Setup

Project Cost: Rs 9 Lac

Processing & Activation time: 30 Working days.
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