Ola Car Wash: Partnership


Become a Partner of Ola Car Wash

Ola Car Wash is the fastest growing brand in the online mobile car washing segment, with innovative ideas and belief integral to building a long-term partnership. We believe that together we can do more and our partners value our global reach, network and trusted brand should be built trust and opportunity globally. We also believe that goals that can only be achieved by working with others.

We are always open to mutually beneficial alliances.


Business alliance is an approach in which two or more companies agree to pool their resources together to form a combined force in the marketplace. Unlike a merger, an alliance does not involve the emergence of a new combined entity.

Each partner in the alliance retains their individual entity. It likes a joint ventures are indeed a very common entry strategy for companies. The obvious advantage is that companies entering markets through benefit from the local knowledge of the local company. They bring two firms together with mutual interests but different strengths to work on particular projects that offer benefit to both. Partners enjoy access to exclusive events and other opportunities, where they can exchange ideas, gain new insights, and meet some of the brightest minds in technology.


Our reason for approaching you is that we are seeking partnerships with like-minded businesses in the segment of vehicle & industrial cleaning that also a goal of seeing more young people taking part in active business.

We are inviting young entrepreneurs to join our franchise alliances for mutually benefits; this is a great opportunity to start a risk-free business. Contemporary demand of market is giving you chance to setup a profitable business in your locality… know more


We are always looking for valued partners to lead in web world. We value your participation to make mutually beneficial program to achieve goals. We are actively seeking partners to enhance its visibility and trust level.

We are committed to increasing our partners’ profitability and mutual success for both ourselves and our partners. Connect your brand with millions of explorers through Ola Car Wash. Partner with us to grow your business and expand your reach.

We would be keen to hear from you. Kindly contact: partners[at]olacarwash.com