Ola Car Wash has designed the car washing bike project for door to door micro-water car washing & cleaning at affordable price. This project has two compact boxes which can be easily installed on a two wheeler (TVS moped). This project is very successful for small investment planners. Let’s see its major features and specifications.

Ola Car Wash
Ola Car Wash

PROJECT COST Rs. 32,000/-

This is a micro-water washing bike project which is especially designed for the purpose of Door to Door Micro-Water Washing, Cleaning and Detailing Services. Business seekers are welcomed to start a profitable business with the concept of Door to Do Car Wash.

 Salient Features

  Micro-Water Washing

  Rubbing & Polishing

  Vacuum Cleaning

  Dry Cleaning

  Detailing Services

  Headlight Restoration

 Machinery & Equipment

A)  Ola Car Wash Bike's Boxes Set:-

Ola Car Wash

This is a micro-water washing bike project; there are two boxes containing Micro-Water car washing pump, vacuum cleaner, car polish machine, cleaning materials, inbuilt electric circuit with battery charger & 25 Mtrs extension electric board etc. In this project, the customer has to supply two buckets of water and electricity. Micro-water pump will be powered by inbuilt rechargeable battery only. Client's electricity will be used during vacuum cleaning job or rubbing, polishing job; In the meantime, the inbuilt battery will be charged simultaneously.

B)  Vacuum Cleaner 15 L:-

Stainless tank, Strong, Powerful, durable & Portable.

Ola Car Wash
  • Italian Vacuum: 15 Liters
  • Cleaner Power: 1000 Watts
  • Vacuum Suction: 180 mBar
  • Air Flow Rate: 42L/s
  • Packing Size(cm3): 43*43*81

C)  Rubbing & Polishing Tools:-

Heavy duty and professional machine.

Ola Car Wash
  • Power:1200 Watt.
  • Pad Dia:7 inch dia.
  • Speed:600 to 3000 rpm
  • Soft start for smooth start-ups and less fling off of polish, wax or paste.
  • Rubberized loop handle and gear housing for operator comfort and to help protect delicate surfaces from damage

D)  Welcome Kit:-

Ola Car Wash
  • Microfiber:420gm Microfiber Cloths.
  • Globes:Soft rubbing glove & Steam Gun operating Gloves
  • Chemicals:Samples of various car cleaning chemicals and compounds for testing purpose only.
  • Spary Bottls:Samples of spary bottles and other bottles are included.

 Complete Setup Cost is Rs. 32,000/-

  Complete Setup =A+B+C

Note: (i) Two wheelers (TV Moped) is not included in the project; Franchisee should arrange two-wheeler for their inconvenience. (ii) Offer price is available on our franchise model only (iii) Final price may vary subject to market. (iv) Items wise OEM warranty facility available. (v) Extra costing to be charged for optional machinery, special tools, chemicals & others demanding materials for coating and headlight restoration etc. purpose. (vi) Terms & Conditions Applied.

Ola Car Wash

  Steps to Purchase

  Step-1:  Call Us & Finalize Deal.

  Step-2: Book Your Product.

  Step-3: Delivery Time: 14 Business Days To Ready For Shipping.

  Step-4: Receive Product At Your doorstep.

  Let's Start Your Profitable Business!.

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