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e-Cart Project Ola Car Wash

Car Washing e-Cart Project

Become a Service Partner with e-Cart Setup

Ola Car Wash gives you the opportunity to become a service partner for your local area. You can register your existing car wash business with us or you can also join us to start a new car wash business. Ola Car Wash will help you to grow your car wash business in your locality under our popular brands. We will allow you to use our brand names, so that customers can connect directly with you. Just connect your car wash business with us and get a large number of customer inquiries.Our B2C (Business to Customer) web platform with our brand will help to increase the visibility of your business in your area.


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Applicant must have adequate knowledge of business management, customer handling as well as enough experience in cleaning segment, these are the important aspects to start and run the car cleaning business smoothly.

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Necessary setup, adequate cleaning Machinery and equipment, eco friendly techniques, trained staff and quality product should be used. So that the quality of the service remains intact.

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Operational video needs to be prepared in working condition where machinery and equipment is being used by any of the car washing staff. This needs to be shared with us.


A Selection Board of Ola Car Wash will assess candidature and profile of each applicant before issuing a service partnership for a location; there is no conformity and certainty for selection. The Selection Board will prefer an applicant who has enthusiasm and ability to become a tycoon in the car cleaning business in their city; Applicants who are found to be the most suitable for achieving the goal will be given priority first. Initially, we want to allocate one service partners for each city, so that the allocated service partner can cover the entire city by increasing their cleaning staff as per market demand.


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No Commission

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NO Revenue Sharing

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Independent Business

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No Boundation

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Customizable Packages

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Mobile App

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Access Rights

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We own three brands in the car cleaning segment; these bands have the most suitable presence on the web, with the ability to connect maximum customers with the nearest service partners. Our service partners are authorized to use all our brand names to easily grow their business. So, you simply connect your car wash business with us and get a large number of customers.

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Who Can Join:

Who Can Join: Those are already in this field and wants to enhance their existing business with the help of Ola Car Wash, and those who wish to start a car wash business, both are welcome to join us subject to availability at their location only.

Name of Project:

Service Partnership with e-Cart setup.

Preferred Services:

In this project, our service partners can start door to door car washing & detailing services with immediate effect.

Activation Charge:-

  Activation Charge Rs 1,50,000/- A onetime activation charge will be paid by the service partner to start the business in their allocated area; for which the company will undertake a variety of promotional activities to meet the estimated number of inquiries. The Company will arrange promotional events as follows:

  • It may be on Air.
  • It may be on Print Media.
  • It may be on Social Media.
  • It may be on Digital Media.
  • It may be on Audio-Visual Media.

  Promotional Material: Following Promotion Materials will be provided by the company.

  •   Printed T-Shirts @2 per staff.
  •   Printed ID card @1 per staff.
  •   Printed Lanyard @1 per staff.
  •   Printed Visiting Card 5000.
  •   Signage Board @2 per service partner.
  •   Mobile Number @1 per service partner.
  •   IVR Facility @1 per service partner.

Machinery & Equipment:

  Machinery & Equipment Rs 6,35,000+ Service Partner can arrange necessary machinery & equipment from any vendor or we can facilitate through our alliance partner. Its price may be vary on quantity, spare parts & additional items.

Company will arrange to supply 01 (one) set of Machinery & Equipments for door to door car washing, Cleaning & Rubbing-Polishing purpose.

List of Machinery & Equipment:

  •   01 Steam Car Washer.
  •   01 Honda Generator (Honda EU30is).
  •   01 Jet Washers.
  •   01 Foam Lance Sets.
  •   01 Vacuum Cleaners (W&D).
  •   01 Rubbing-Polishing Tools.
  •   01 Backpack Bags.
  •   Welcome Kit: A bunch of cleaning materials, chemicals, electric extensions, etc. to start a business.


  e-Cart Rs 2,10,000+ Service Partners can either purchase an e-Cart from our alliance partner or arrange a suitable vehicle as per their convenience.


  Subscription @2,000/- The Subscription fee for Ola Car Wash Service Partnership is Rs.2,000 / - per month which is included in our partnership program for a year; the subscription fee is payable after one year at the time of renewal to continue the following services.

  •   Business with Brand.
  •   Mobile Number.
  •   IVR with Brand Music.
  •   Local Brand Music.
  •   Mobile Application.
  •   Website Page.
  •   Listing on Google.
  •   Listing on Map.
  •   Calls from Customers.
  •   Online Bookings.
  •   Online Inquiries.
  •   WhatsApp Inquiries.
  •   Upto 1,200 Inquiries @Free.

Suitable Locality:

Door to Door Car Washing e-Cart project is most suitable in Semi Urban/Urban area; however, the service partner is free to choose their business locality according to the market demand and their business plan.

Promotional Events:

The company is hereby responsible for arranging various promotional events for establishing a well business foundation of its service partners, so that customers can easily connect with the nearest service partner.

Staff required:

In this project, at least 5 employees are the same for two teams and one manager for smooth functioning. However, in the initial stage the service partner can handle it in place of the manager. Each team is required to have 02 employees, one of whom can be a specialist and the other an assistant.


Project Cost Rs. 10 Lakh+

Activation Charges: Rs 1.5 Lakh

Machinery & Equpt: Rs 6.4 Lakh +

Electric Cart: Rs 2.1 Lakh

We are seeking online application from those who have a potential, determination and will to become a business tycoon at their city. If you really have strong intention to start this business. So apply now, or never.

Step-1: Online Apply (Applicant).

Step-2: Availability Checking (Company).

Step-3: Pay Rs 5,000/- Processing Charges for Feasibility Checking.

Step-4: Visit the office for conclusion and final payment.

Step-5: Activation (30 business days).

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